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Porco Landrán® is a registered trademark of products made from certified Celtic pig meat. The Celtic pig is a breed that until the 50s of the twentieth century was habitual in the farm houses of Galicia, but it has disappeared without pause until today, reason why it is in extinction. They have a very unique anatomy: they are long, with a very large head with ears that reach them to cover their eyes. They are also tall and great walkers. Another feature is that they have a slower growth than other breeds. Its anatomical singularities and life habits make its meat precious in traditional Galician cuisine, both fresh and for the elaboration of sausages and ham, as they provide very good quality fat.


porco celta pastoreo 01


The meat and the products of Celtic pig went away with a prestige position until reaching a level very next to the one of the Iberian pig. Its three varieties, santiaguesa, barcina and carballina, nowadays provide limited meat production, but very prized in the most demanding consumer segment. Thanks to an arduous work of recovery, led by Asoporcel, it was found that the hen of this swine variety was recovering, although it is still among the declining races.


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The popular denomination of landrán pig has to do with another one of its peculiar characteristics: the alimentary habits and of life. This breed is consuming acorns (acorns in Castilian), like its Iberian relative. Indeed, the quality of the products made with the meat of these pigs is also based on the exploitation and feeding model.


porco celta bosque


Celtic pig is believed in an open regime and is fed in Galician Atlantic forests, mainly acorns, chestnuts, roots and other plants and living beings. In the seasons where the natural supply of food does not cover food needs, the animal diet is complemented with other natural products such as vegetables, cereals, potatoes ... The result is a product of extraordinary quality, both due to the flavor and the high content of fatty acids unsaturated, recognized for its beneficial effects on human health.

This model of breeding also helps to set human population in the territory and to special care of our old forests, because these animals do a cleaning work of our undergrowth that contributes to the conservation and extension of the Atlantic forests of Galicia.

Due to these peculiar characteristics, Porco Landran is part of the Slow Food ecogastronomic movement.

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